Research Data Management

We are working on new concepts to make research data available as a resource for future generations. As a guideline, we are following the FAIR principles. Our major contribution (within the FAIRmat consortium) is the development of a configurable software to control experiments and lab processes, which at the same time enables well-documented and structured data storage.
Further fields of action are:

  • integration of electronic lab books in research
  • integration of electronic lab books in the physics curriculum


FAIRmat (NFDI) D5: Configurable Experiment Control System

The condensed-matter community not only uses commercial standalone measurement systems, but often individual ad-hoc experimental setups for many small experiments, in which a set of measurement and process control devices are combined in order to solve a highly specific measurement task. On the good side, this heterogeneous experimental situation is ultra-flexible and productive; however, its downside is, by experience, a heterogeneous data structure and highly redundant development of corresponding…

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