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We are working on new concepts to make research data available as a resource for future generations. As a guideline, we are following the FAIR principles. Our major contribution (within the FAIRmat consortium) is the development of a configurable software to control experiments and lab processes, which at the same time enables well-documented and structured data storage.
Further fields of action are:
  • overarching concepts for data structures in experimental solid-state physics
  • integration of electronic lab notebooks in research
  • integration of electronic lab notebooks in the physics curriculum


FAIRmat (NFDI) D5: Configurable Experiment Control System

The condensed-matter community not only uses commercial standalone measurement systems, but often individual ad-hoc experimental setups for many small experiments, in which a set of measurement and process control devices are combined in order to solve a highly specific measurement task. On the good side, this heterogeneous experimental situation is ultra-flexible and productive; however, its downside is, by experience, a heterogeneous data structure and highly redundant development of corresponding…

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FAIRmat (NFDI) Area B: Experiment

In area B, concepts for a FAIR research data management for experimentsin the realm covered by FAIRmat are developed.

A first step is to describe a number of established methods ofsolid-state characterization in such detail that the research datasystematically contain all data and metadata necessary for detailedcomparability of experiments. Our mission is to expand and gradually include asmany experimental methods as possible by providing guidance to the scientificcommunity…

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