Recoil Racing is World Champion 2023 of F1 in schools

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F1 in schools is the largest technology competition for schools worldwide. Teams of 3-6 students design a miniature car and send it into the race. Similar to the big Formula 1, a comprehensive set of rules must be obeyed. The cars are powered by opening a CO2 cartridge, and the car then races along a nylon cord on a straight track to the finish line. The competition not only scores points for the race result, but also for comprehensive project management, marketing, sponsor acquisition and more.

The Erlangen-based Recoil Racing team from Marie Therese Gymnasium went to the World Championships in Singapore as the newly crowned German champions and actually took first place among 68 international teams.

Congratulations to the World Champions!

There was significant time pressure for the World Championships: Due to the completely different international set of rules, a completely new design was required within a very short time. Recoil Racing received very concrete support from the Erlangen Physics workshops. Based on the 3D model designed by the students, the body was manufactured with a 5-axis CNC milling machine in the workshop of the Physics Institute. Wheels, spoilers and axles were manufactured accordingly at the Chair of Applied Physics. This required not only skill – some trial and error and lengthy discussions were also necessary to optimize the parameters desired by Recoil Racing as well as the manufacturing process. FAU’s F3G-Verbund has gratefully provided funding for this, as the project makes a major contribution to promoting the next generation of girls in STEM fields: The MTG team has equal representation!

The current Racing Ray vehicle thus set the fastest time in the competition: 1.090 s on the 20-meter track. Recoil Racing further cleared the special awards “Verbal Presentation Award” and “Reseach & Development Award”. As the best in points in the overall competition, Recoil Racing can now call itself World Champion and has already signed the Golden Book of the City of Erlangen!

More information on the website of Recoil Racing.