Fire prevention training for staff members and students

Fire prevention training: fat explosion

Brandschutzschulung: LöschübungBrandschutzschulung: LöschübungWhat to do in case of fire? Nobody wants to run into such an emergency. But if it happens, it’s better to keep cool and to initiate the right steps: trigger alarm, call fire department, leave the building or try to extinguish the fire if possible. Staff members and students of the Chair of Applied Physics have learned how to react correctly during a fire prevention training on Monday, April 4th, 2018 offered by the department safety at work of FAU.

All participants could train how to use a fire extinguisher on a burning wastebasket and on a burning computer monitor.

Extremely impressive was the demonstration of a fat explosion. Nobody, who has seen this, will get the idea of using water together with burning fat!

We thank Stefan Brunner and Dr. Ingo Schubert from the department safety at work of FAU for this exciting and instructive fire prevention training!