Symposium Silicon Carbide as Quantum-Classical Platform – 75th Anniversary of the Chair of Applied Physics

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Silicon carbide (SiC) has developed into a high-performance semiconductor technology in recent years. This goes hand in hand with excellent monocrystalline wafer material and continuously improving process technology as well as understanding of SiC’s fundamental material and device physics. However, SiC and its derived materials, epitaxial graphene and SiC’s point defects, have much more to offer: Due to unrivaled material parameters, SiC has also the potential for unprecedented functionalities in the realm of photonics on a chip, highest-Q mechanics and quantum-technology oriented spin physics. This vast design space, which opens up scope for new experiments and technologies, is yet to be explored.

In this scientific symposium, we will pick up this trail and discuss the possibilities of combining electronics, optics, mechanics and spin physics to create a platform for combined quantum and classical functionality.

The symposium simultaneously celebrates the 75th anniversary of FAU’s Chair of Applied Physics with its significant and long-lasting contribution to the development of today’s SiC material platform and technology.

For further information please see the symposium website.